Preview the loop point/end of long sample in a hurry

What do you guys do if you’re in the audio editor and you have say, a 10 seconds+ sample and you want to set the end of loop point using your ears and you don’t want to wait for it to play out?

Think I’m using a very clunky workaround. I’m using rate to rewind back into the end of sample and then forward. Sometimes setting the cross fader up to do the job instead of encoder.

It won’t play from marker point will it? Maybe there’s a clever way with slices… Oh - just thought about assigning start to crossfader. I’ll try that but any thoughts in meantime?


I’d call your workaround very smart. Don’t know of a better way!

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Certainly a more refined method than what I currently do. I listen to the beginning of it, get the general vibe of the sample and then determine I’ll just change it to whatever I want while I work on it.

Gonna try this, though. Thanks for the idea!

feature request for the next OT OS update - using the crossfader to scrub through the waveform while in the audio editor, relative to zoom level



That would actually be REALLY cool, if ever they made another OT OS update

Hey :slight_smile: I got a better workaround for previewing the end of a long sample in the editor (for when you’re working on the loop position, for example):

  • Go into slices trig mode, but have slices OFF for that track.

  • Make sure your pattern scale is set to 64/64 (you can use ‘per track’ scale mode if you don;t want all tracks at 64)

  • Use the pattern page button to go into bar 4:4

  • Go into the sample editor with your long sample (one that would normally be a pain to listen to all the way through everytime you want to adjust the end/loop point)

  • Hit the trig keys towards the right - you’ll see what I mean


This setup puts a ‘pseudo 64-slice slice grid’ grid on. with the big advantage that you can loop back to BEFORE the start slice - which you can’t do with actual slices (they always go back to your start slice)

Added benefits:

it’s good for general slice-ups, as the looping behaviour is so different to when you have actual slices switched on- more musically intuitive I’d say.

Like - you could use the last beat of your loop as a grace note at the end of a bar, and it will go on to play from its beginning.

Or just avoid monotonous short looping when you are cutting up a loop and you are trigging slices towards the end where the looping gets shorter and shorter

These trigs are live recordable too - they lock the start parameter to values going up in 2s (128/64 = 2) as mentioneed on p83 of the manual.

The manual doesn’t mention the cool looping behaviour though!


Actually this method gives you 128 slices if you use the encoder for selecting the start. You can check it out by turning the encoder slowly and there will be two different offsets per a single number of the start page

I think that’s with slices ON (and no slices defined).

I’m talking about leaving slice mode OFF, but slice TRIG mode ON. and using all the trigs buttons from 1 - 64.

The STRT encoder then has no effect because the trig keys are locking the start position (just as the PTCH encoder doesn’t affect the result of the trig buttons in chromatic trig mode)

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