Previewing trigs

Is there a way to preview trigs? Say I lock some parameters like pitch, amp etc, can I somehow cue listen to those changes without having to play the entire sequence?
I’ve had my Octatrack for a couple weeks now and if this feature exists I haven’t found it yet…

i would seriously like to know that too!

i dunno but you can always do it without p-locking till you get what you want, remember the values, set values back to default and then p-lock. but its faster to just listen to the pattern.

or why not make a one step pattern to test on

This feature is extremely needed!

Yeah, definitely need a fast forward facility to quickly advance to required listening step!

programming Elektron involves instinct and a bit of patience

as a workaround, you can deal with copying the Track you’re working on to another spare Track (if any). Then change its scale to one bar or less, then copy+paste p-locks overthere and make a copy of that trig back on the actual Track when you are satisfied.