Pro Tip: Enter/Edit Patterns in Song Edit directly while in Pattern Mode

Scenario: In Pattern Mode, with two cool patterns that go for one bar each, say on Pattern A1 and Pattern A2.

they sound cool if they each repeat four times and then play the next pattern, although it is also convenient to store each of them as one bar patterns.

it could be a live situation where new patterns are sequenced on the fly, realtime.

so … while in Pattern Mode, select Function Song New

then Function Song Edit

that will automatically open the song in current memory for editing

but the cool thing is, Pattern Mode is still engaged so the same pattern is playing.

Editing may be done freely without effecting any changes to the current playback in Pattern Mode.

on the first line of Song Edit Mode, Select Pattern A1 and that will enter Pattern A1 into the first line.
do that 3 more times

on the fifth line of Song Edit Mode, Select Pattern A2 (as if it were being selected to play next in Pattern Mode, but seeing as how this is editing a song, pressing A2 adds that Pattern to the 5th line of the song sequence.)
do this 3 more times
on the 11th line move giant scroll wheel right to make a loop
tap right twice and rotate scroll wheel right to a value of 03

on the 12th line move giant scroll wheel right to make a loop
tap right once and set value to 004, tap right one again, and scroll giant scroll wheel left to indicate infinity sign.

All this is achieved without affecting playback in Pattern Mode.

Now go to Song Mode, and the prepared loop will seamlessly begin looping each 1 bar loop four times each, for Patterns A1 and A2

From here, further explorations may be achieved such as the integration of alternate bar lengths and start points… these options are further to the right.


So essentially, it is possible to create a customised Pattern Chain by just opening the Song Edit window, making the various Pattern selections.

Even though still in Pattern Mode.

Then selecting the first line of the Song Edit window and activating it with a “Yes”, the sequence starts playing. Whilst Pattern Mode is still engaged. It’s actually pretty cool … I wonder if the Octatrack is capable of this hybrid workflow option.