Problem loading sounds via c6

I picked up the unmechanical sound pack and I am trying to load it into my A4.

C6 is on, and it is showing A4 in config.

I go to sysex receive, pick my bank, click receive, then select and send the sounds from c6… c6 sends, but on the A4, nothing. It just continues to read waiting.

I have used this method to load other sound packs with no problems.

If I click receive anything it registers the sounds coming in, but they go nowhere. Same goes if I just click send from c6 without being on the sysex page.

I have also tried through the TM-1, same results.

Any ideas?


Have you tried to change SysEx receive options already to check if something changes?. (Manual v1.1 Page56-57.)

Try updating the OS… I think this pack needs that latest version