Problem sending MIDI notes through Ableton to OT

Recently added an Octatrack to my studio and am sorting out the best way to integrate it. I need to send transport from Ableton via MIDI, so this means the OT’s MIDI in is used for receiving MIDI from Ableton. In order to play notes into the sequencer with an external keyboard, I’m sending them through a MIDI track in Ableton to the OT. However, any note I play on the external keyboard stops the OT sequencer. Seems like a pretty common set up - anyone experienced this issue and have a solution? Only workaround I’ve devised is disconnecting the OT from Ableton, playing notes into the sequencer, then reconnecting which seems dumb. Thanks.

So the same keyboard/midi notes work connecting directly to OT but not when you route it through Ableton? Is Ableton transposing the midi?

OT can be controlled by midi notes, trigging samples or playing chromatically is done using a certain range of midi notes…


Thanks for that Open Mike. The notes work either way, but when they are sent through Ableton before reaching the OT, they all stop the sequencer. Not just the ones indicated on the diagram. When I plug directly into the OT MIDI in, they work fine.

Update: this problem only occurs when I have an instance of Overbridge loaded (for my other Elektron gear). When there’s No Overbridge there’s no problem. Anybody have any clues?

I guess OT is on strike because it wants OB too. :content:

Did you check what is sent with a midi monitor?