Problem using the werkstatt with analig four mk1

Hi there

I purchased a werkstatt-01 2020 comes with the cv expander. I have tried to sequence the werkstatt by send cv and gate signal from the a4’s cv a/b.
The werkstatt’s vco exp in and gate in are receiving those signal. Unfortunatelyy, there is no sound generated in this setting only if i turn the werkstatt’s sustain or the vca on. I found the gate signal from a4 is a continuous signal which is not dropping after i release the key on a4. The situation makes the werkstatt totally useless since I don’t have other cv sequencer for test. I have also google for simular case while no solution found at the moment.

Anyone has same gear of mine and suffer from these problem can help??

Ask from Hong Kong

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In your Analog Four’s GLOBAL > CV CONFIG menus for CV A CONFIG and CV B CONFIG, what type of signal have you set for the Analog Four to send from outputs A and B?

Output a = v/pitch
Output b = gate

I saw someone on youtube set it reverse, i tried but same result occur

The Werkstatt reacts a little weird in this regard. I tried to control it through my turntable (audio signal gets translated/converted into CV and gate) and have the same issue: the tone keeps playing even though the gate is closed. My other synths work just fine with this setup only the Werkstatt reacts this way. Only when I stop the record the Werkstatt gets the signal to close the gate while the other synths react to closing the fader.

Sigh .

Im thinking of return the werkstatt. It is so weird that video is found on youtube that ppl use it with the a4 just fine.

Sorry to the seller haha😂

I was bummed by this as well but since this little thing sounds pretty good to my taste I‘ll keep it and try to use it in a different way than initially intended.

Agree and good luck to you. The werkstatt is just as cool as the mother32 imo.