Problem with buttons!?

Hey guys,

I’ve got a really really strange problem with my MnM.
All of a sudden half of my buttons (mostly trigs, tracks, and other big buttons), when I press them stay down.
As in it looks like they’re glued to the bottom or something! I can’t find a decent explenation for this, I’ve never had problems with 1 of my buttons, let alone almost ALL of them!
Thing is since 2 days ago I installed it in a stand with my Rytm, and if I’m not using them I can fold it and the MnM is facing down (with 3cm between the buttons so they don’t touch offcourse), don’t know if this is something I shouldn’t do and that maybe this is the reason? It’s the only possible reason i can think of, since it’s 10 years old and always been kept in original box.
Now I put it in the stand for a day and all of a sudden my buttons are stuck!
Anyone who’s maybe had the same problem or can verify this is from it facing down?
Anyhow, if this is gonna stay like this i reckon i’m pretty F*cked no? Or is there a way (like taking the upper case off) I can look at the inside and maybe see what seems to be the problem?

Thx in advance!

Sounds like the faceplate has shifted, if you can see, is the edge of the aluminium scraping on the edge of the plaatic buttons… otherwise, maybe somwthing got in between the maxhines when u closed the stand up?

Yeah man that’s probably it! At least I hope so!
Probably happened when I mounted it into the stand too firm or something, am at work now but i’ll check when home.
What can I do to fix this? Best thing’ll probably be demount the faceplate and mount again i guess?

yeah most likely. you will need a star driver (a cheap set is ok) just back off the faceplate screws one turn and give it a nudge

is there any resistance when you press down the buttons?

I found it, the faceplate is slightly bigger than the machine itself so the plate was jammed between the stand and machine was kind of movable beneath the plate. Loosened up the bolts a bit and it’s fine now, very obvious…