Problem with Overbridge and AR

when try recording from AR by OB i missing first click so for correct recording loop need add around +5ms on on OB on 256 buffer , it’s also change +/- 0.2 ms
tried contact with Electron support already they don’t find correct solution
add to pic on one you can see 0 delay and loop shift on second +5ms delay and beat on grid

tried all option of connection also use AR as sound card and change OB sync or use Ableton sequencer or AR sequencer same problem

i very hope it’s bug in OB and will fix soon

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Hi Loopback,
I don’t understand your issue.
You trigger the AR with a MIDI signal from Ableton and record the audio stereo out or a single channel via overbridge. Right?

I tried it with my PC and record a BD out from the AR with OB.
My “extra” latency is 0.8 ms with a bit jitter (+/- 0.x ms).

I think it is okay and stable enough.

Maybe I missed something. :panda:

I’m on Mac as you can see in my pictures when delay time 0 it’s cut first ( Click / punch ) on first sound of loop
0.8ms with buffer 64 ?

I have this same issue and haven’t found a good fix for it. Even with following Ableton’s guide for latency to ensure timing is correct, OB still seems to be off a bit. I go in and adjust it after the fact.

so good new its not problem with my AR or Mac :slight_smile:

hope this bug will be fixed soon

I know people who have the same issue on macs.

second question : if this problem only with OB+ AR or also OB+A4 ?

Yes. 64 samples buffer size for the OB plugin. roundabout 1 ms on PC…
The VST plugin sends the plugin latency to the host (Ableton) with the AR as hardware I guess there is a bit jitter from the internal USB audio interface.