Problem with slicing songs for live performance

Hi, I’m pretty sure I am doing something wrong, but I can’t understand what exactly.
I am preparing my live setup, idea is basically to slice the imported song stems (44 kHz, 16bit) to smaller sections and lock the slices as patterns, so I have intro, chorus, bridge…etc, but somehow OT makes slices very randomly, it doesn’t recognise the start of the beat. And even if I try to adjust the slice manually to the start of the section, I end up in weird timing issues when I try to play them.
Song’s aren’t compressed to brick wall level. I have even included the BPM in file name, I have heard it helps. I have set the BPM in “ATTR” section, timestretch to normal. What else am I missing?

You need to prepare samples with specific numbers of bars :
1, 2, 4, 16, 32 etc…
And if possible with equal length for slices.

You can also use Octachainer to prepare your slices.

Thanks for this app! But it seems that DL are down, can’t check it.