Problem With sync

Hi, I’m using M:C with Pro Tools. M:C sync the time, but not the transport, if i start from the 3 in a 4/4 arrangment M:C start from 1… what can i do for fix? any idea?

Thanks a lot!!!

…warm welcome…but i don’t get it…m:c is in control of sync clock or pro tools is…?

generally speaking, u better let ur daw give out the midi clock…
and transport needs to be checked on…otherwise ur external gear does not know where it’s at and just syncs up blindly…if u wanna start somewhere in the arrangement u still need to give out a clear starting position…so u better loop that particular section of the arrangement to start from there…

Yes, Pro Tools give the clock for all the device, all the device synch, the problem are only with transport. For example, the arturia sequencer of drumbrute sync from usb the time and the transport position, if i put the daw on the 4th quarter start from that position. M:C no. i’ve to put on the 1 and press stop on the m:c (reset the internal position of the sequencer) and they work ok. But it’s stupid in 2023, i’ve the same situation with DFAM, but he is simply 8 step analog sequencer… haahaha

No one use M:C with Pro Tools?