Problems between MIDI patterns and AUDIO patterns


First I want to say thank you to everybody on this community helping each other.

I have a project with all the tracks, patterns and triggers ready, and then I prepared everything on the arranger mode so I can structure everything as I want. All under control until there. The thing is that now it’s time to place some MIDI info into some parts of my live set so I can send to my other gear, but the octatrack start some extrange behaviour.

I explain with a real example:

  • I place MIDI notes into pattern 1 (4 scales 64 long) and it work perfectly fine by itself.
  • When I press play with everything on my arranger mode, the long audio samples that I had loaded into that same pattern on other tracks start 64 steps later, but the MIDI starts from the beginning.

I already turned AUDIO CC IN ‘OFF’ and AUDIO NOTE IN ‘OFF’ but it keeps doing the same.

I really don’t know what it can be so I could use some help.
Sorry if I didn’t explain it the best way but english is not my first language.

Weird indeed.
Do you use trig conditions to play you long samples ?
Scale per track ?
Does it work correctly with Arranger off ? (Play the patterns with long samples)

Why do you think this would be related ? Do you have a midi loop ? (midi out going back to midi in).

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Make sure the trig on the audio track isn’t shifted [func+<] early… it won’t play the first time if it is.


Yes, negative microtiming, thougth about this too; that’s why I asked if the behavior is similar with arranger off.

But it would be surprising on several tracks…

Anyway, it doesn’t seem related to midi…

It’s happened to me more than a few times.

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I use trig conditions 1st to play my long samples.
I don’t know about scale per track I’m about to look into it. Any advice on this?

I thought it could be related in case it was possible that those would trigger audio tracks through MIDI. I don’t have a MIDI loop though.

Thank you very much. I think I had that in some specific pattern for just one track but not sure those are the one giving me issues. Because it happens with more than those ones.

It is definetly related to midi because everything is alright until I place the midi, or maybe is something with my process of midi.

thank you very much. Sorry I didn’t reply to this before. Yes, its the same with the arranger off.

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Try without 1st.
I remember a related bug.

Scale Per Track, or a different Scale Multiplier can be usefull to play long loops. But trig conditions are more convenient.

To be sure you can try to mute midi tracks, then remove all midi notes (clear track or pages) if mutes don’t change the behavior (copy/paste notes elsewhere before).

But I’d be surprised that midi notes would delay Audio tracks.