Problems sending MD trigger to SH-101

For some reason, not all of the notes are getting triggered on the 101. I have the volume turned all the way on the rimshot i’m sending. Anyone else have this issue or know what it could be?

Have you tried using the impulse machine? It might be more easily recognised.


I’ve used an impulse machine successfully. Read the manual for the settings and you may need to make the impulse hotter to get it to work reliably.

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got this working y’all. thanks for your response. Using an IMP machine and yes, it is coming in hot :slight_smile:

I am having a similar issue, any advice on how to solve this? Did you amp the imp externally?

I think turning up the DIST parameter on the Routing page will boost the output level

a bit off topic but another way i prefer to trig external synths is to use a midi track with a small midi to trig interface.
This way you can still tweak all the parameters on the MD (ctr-all or function + knob) without loosing some trigs and, moreover, external outputs are still available for other tracks.