Problems with Digitone Midi sync

Hello all,

I’m having some issues with Digitones midi sync. I am attempting to sync a Hologram Electronics Microcosm to the LFO on Digitone midi track 1. I have been able to successfully do this with Digitakt through the same signal path (Digitakt to Neural DSP Quad Cortex set to midi thru to MC) with no issues. All settings are the same for both units, and I double, even triple checked them. In this current scenario, DT is not running. I am using the random waveform on the LFO, and MC has a light that blinks for clock and one that blinks for the timing subdivisions, which is clearly visible with the random waveform due to the randomized pattern of the indicator light.

The oddest part is, occasionally, it will work? It’ll work for a play or two and then just randomly stop, and then stay stopped. And the clock remains clearly synced on MC. When I increase the value of the CC knob, it also alters the parameter in a nonlinear fashion on the MC (same rate for large sweeps of the knob and then sudden and large changes), but without any waveform pattern. Once or twice, resetting one or the other device has worked, but normally, this is fruitless. I breezed over the forums and did not find anyone with this same issue. Has anyone run into this or have any suggestions?