Processing Elektrons for Studio Production

Interested in prolific producers processing of sounds on Elektron devices for releases.

…not sure if i understand ur question…

but there are two best reasons why i ended up with swedish hardware mostly…after more than two decades of producing and making a living from it…

first…the lucky dips and happy accidents…in the writing process i always stumble over little sonic surprises i’d never would have come up with…

second…recording elektron boxes for final arrangement and mix purposes…there’s in most cases not that much left to do, because of a nowhere else experienced mixture of raw unique elements that feel and sound already “mixed” somehow…


my feeling as well

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Yeah always feel it sounds pretty good without further daw mixdown only levelling and maybe a touch compression . Using a4 md & mm.
Personally think the heat is a bit dear. But mk1 go for good prices so you could try and resell with no loss at the mo

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I process the A4 Mki an awful a lot, especially to get better low end. Tbh, I have stoped using the effects on A4 and digitakt cause I process the clean signal in Ableton.


My workflow has changed massively over the last few years. I used to do do the whole ‘in the box’ ableton thing. Now I use hardware, I have a bit of stuff, 2 elektrons. I run everything through a mixer then record a stereo line from that. I dont do any post processing, no need to.

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If you want more control over your sounds, just be patient and dump them into a daw for further processing. One of the things I find difficult to do with the boxes is being precise with reverbs, delays, and fx in general. I found the reverbs on the OT lacking, and the reverb on the DT limiting. At least without a lot of cumbersome resampling. That being said, it is definitely possible to create great releases just using the boxes. Sort of depends on the type of music, and how much resampling to sculpt sounds you’re willing to do :slight_smile:

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Thanks all

I think I just needed reassurance I was on the right track…

I find trying to process the boxes too much takes away from the sound

Yes I resample and dump back in the boxes a lot

Currently I have a masterchain on my output. This includes Compressor, Reverb, Spatializer. Just so that they sound like they are in the same room. Anything more would be overkill. Also, before all of those I will create an EQ that pulls some sounds that overlap out or if I feel like there is anything that has too much build up I attenuate. I would approach my Studio production from a live mix perspective. These machines are meant to be played in the wild… treat them as such when you mix, master.

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I believe anything about sounds have to deal with other sounds in the arrangemente/soundscape. So corrective/unmasking EQ as one of the paramount processing to perform. Then it comes to personal taste (saturation, effects, etc.).

For me there is not a recipe, just a good sense of what’s happening relating to what you want to achieve.