Program a One shot trigger looooong (say 2 minutes) Sample

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Just registered here but have been using Elektron gear for some time.
Thanks for the huge amount of great information and topics on this forum already.

I am trying to figure out how I can have the Octatrack trigger a long sample ONCE… the sample is much longer than 64 beats, I know I can do this on the fly, by pressing function-trig, but I want it programmed. I want that this goes automatically once I change to the pattern/part that has this long sample…

Is there a way to do this?

Any useful tips are highly appreciated.



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insert trig then press FUNC + trig. it will be armed first time you set it.

to arm again press either YES or FUNC/YES depending on how you have your preferences set

keep holding YES as you change patterns if you have had any one shots on the previous pattern tracks…

since your sample is so long make sure to load it into a Static machine. There are a couple of ways to trigger the sample like you want. The first is like Zeropoint described. You can also disconnect a track from the sequencer and trigger it manually.

^^ yeah but he wants it programmed so that it gets trigged automatically as soon as the new pattern is launched…

If the sample will fit into 16 bars you can run that track at 1/4 time
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Are you able to trigger different samples on a disconnected track? As in having a different sample on each trigs, playing monophonically of course.

thanks , so far, actually the 1/4 time thing would probably work - i’m going to try that, in this case the sample would be short enough - but also just un-arming works… still one step too many, i really don’t want to think about this sample being triggered, you see?
and what if you want to play a sample of say 30 minutes… without any other touching other than changing pattern, and eventually i would probably want to program that too, in the arranger.
You see, I’m a keyboarder, I want to play on top of the sequenced stuff on pre-programmed sequences of patterns, both from Octa and A4, and then every now and then get into the knobs and tweak stuff - but basically I want the thing to just be able to press play and do the job so I can play leads over it :slight_smile:

it sounds lie the one-shot method would be best for you triggering a long sample from a Static Machine. you can change patterns with a one-shot and it won’t affect the current sample being played. You can always hit “Yes” to re-arm it at anytime.

interested to know how, if somebody find how launch the one shot in the same time with the pattern without using Yes button

ok, to launch one shot automatically, go to pattern settings.
then for the track, you can choice plays free, an so one shot trig.
but it works once, i don’t understand !

This probably isn’t what you are looking for, but for completeness sake: When I have samples longer than a pattern I usually start using the arranger. For example with a trig for the sample on pattern A01 and pattern A02 a perfect copy of A01, but without the trigger.

thank you, it’s a good way…
so you have for the A2 pattern, and the track choose start silent to “no”
I don’t understand why when you select in pattern settings, for a track, you have to have “yes” to plays free to be able to have “yes” for one shot track ? !

Not sure that I´m understanding your question here.

But, you are able to set a trig into a one-shot (see page 79 in manual). As soon as you´ve pressed play AND any one-shot (you can have several in the sequencer grid) has been trigged. It/they will need to be re-armed (by pressing Yes), before being available to any sequencer trig again.

This re-arming can be done at any time, ie before a pattern change are about to happen. And again as soon as any trig (in sequencer) is hit it will play. If you want it to loop you can set the sample itself to loop when its playback has reached the end of the sample. But it won´t be related to the sequencer.

You are able to change between two patterns, where one pattern are using a sample in one-shot fashion and the other pattern using the same sample as a normal sample trig. As soon as you switch between them, the ‘rules’ for the trigs are active. One-shot playing at least once it´s hit (to its full lenght, unrelated to the grid sequencer). And normal sample trigs playing each time an trig is hit, and repeating as soon the sequencer starts over.