Program Bank/Pattern changes on external gear

Hey everyone!

First post here, just got a Digitone a couple of days ago and I’m super-excited to join the Elektron world! I’m also fairly new to MIDI, so please bare with me if this is a basic question.

I’m going to use the DT as the brain of my setup and I would like to set it up to trigger program changes on external gear. Specifically, I would like to program the DT to do bank and pattern changes on my Arturia Drumbrute. On Arturia’s website it says:

The Drumbrute is able to receive Song / Bank / Pattern change messages.

To do that, here is the MIDI message nomenclature that must be used:

Select Bank

MSB or Bank message

( 0 to 4 )


Y = Midi Channel

Channel 1 = 0
Channel 16 = F

XX = Bank

Bank 1 = 00
Bank 4 = 03|

Select Pattern

Program change

( 0 to 16 )
Y = Midi Channel

Channel 1 = 0
Channel 16 = F

XX = Pattern

Pattern 1 = 00
Pattern 16 = 0F

Now, I have absolutely no idea where to configure these commands on the Digitone. Are these setup per trigs, per pattern or per bank? and where are the configured?

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile: