Program change AR and OT

OT is running song mode and doing MIDI out to AR…It’s complicated but at this point the only reason I have song mode for 3/4 of the songs is for the tempo (this was before tempo per pattern!). The other 1/4 of the songs I need the song mode for the arranger.

I have a list next to me when I practice of the song title and the Rytm bank. So City Tonight might be A05 on the Rytm, and on the OT I just go to it in the song mode (but the actual bank might be, say C01 or something totally unrelated).

For the time being I’m manually changing the bank and pattern on the Rytm, but I would like it to be more automated. If I tell the OT to change the Rytm bank and pattern, will it not change until I press play on the OT? Do I need to set up a MIDI track to do all that stuff? I’ve never done any program changes before so I’m just generally confused. The more I think about it the more I think maybe the simplest solution of simply having them written down and manually changing is best.

You would need at least a part change + a midi track.

IMHO the only really carefree method is to use the same pattern numbers on both machines and use automatic/synced pattern changes. Every other method is a pain in the ass (more or less).


Can you duplicate your AR set, then copy paste the patterns so they match up with the OT bank/numbers?

Then auto pattern sync is easy. Might be laborious but less pain than part/midi pattern changing.

I forced myself into this workflow very early after getting confused several times. I set up a Temp project for all machines with all necessary settings and then go from there. Best preperation work I´ve done in a while. My OT is changing patterns on the DT, DN and now the A4 without any issues. Unless you´re not using different Scale settings throughout the machines I don´t see any downside to this method.


Sounds like detailed notes in my phone and on the setlist are the best way to go lol. Thanks for the confirmation!