Program change between AR and AK?

I’m so close to a dreamy setup with my AR and AK. I have clock and transport working but can’t seem to get a program change on the AR to change on the AK. I’d like to have consecutive changes. AR is serving as the master. Am I missing something? I did read the manual.

If I understand correctly, you want the AK to exactly follow the AR’s pattern changes?

If so, then:

[li]Activate PROG CH SEND in GLOBAL > MIDI CONFIG > MIDI SYNC menu[/li]

[li]Set value of PROG CH IN CHANNEL in GLOBAL > MIDI CONFIG > MIDI CHANNELS menu to match the value for PROGRAM CHANGE OUT CHANNEL on the AR[/li]

Hmmm no dice on that. I set It up like you said and I have the AR sending all and the AK receiving all. When I change patterns on the AR nothing happens on the AK. Transport and clock are working thoigh. I have 2 midi cables on both in and out of each device. Maybe that’s my problem?

Any one have any idea why the AR Pattern change is not changing the AK patterns?

AR MIDI Out to AK MIDI In is the only connection you need for this particular feature to work.

Do you have any other MIDI gear, or a computer with a MIDI monitor app, that could help you diagnose whether the messages are being sent or can be received?

Maybe I should just do Song mode for each, that way I can guarantee each device following the song structure.

not possible afaik