Program change issues in Logic/Live/In the DNK and M:S - about to sell the Elektrons :S

I’m at my wits end. I tried almost everything I can think of. I need help before putting both units on Reverb…

I just want to control DNK and M:S from a DAW, nothing more nothing less.
Because I cannot save patterns chains in either machines (this sucks hard…Shouldn’t have assumed that a 1000$ sequencer has a song mode I guess)…

Enough ranting, into solutions.

Both M:S and DNK receive program changes messages, just not when I want them to receive them, which is when a Set or a Song are playing in either Live or Logic (or the actual DNK for that matters…Wouldn’t mind that).

Live lite 10
Logic pro X

DNK Program changes.

When i input a trigless trig in the DNK, with the right channel (6 for M:S, 15 for DNK), they receive it right away, not when the pattern is playing. I enter my trigless trig parameters (Function + TRIG, Trig menu to select channel + bank…).

Solution I’m looking : Enter a trigless trig, put a condition on it (let’s say 4:4 so it only triggers the 4th time) that sends a PC to M:S to change pattern on MIDI TRACK 1 and sends a PC to DNK on MIDI TRACK 2 for the same operation.


When I press start on the set’s firts bar, both machines react to transport BUT none of my clips are playing and PC don’t register in the Elektrons

If i start playing the set elsewhere, clips are playing, but not the Elektrons. They receive PC though because when I start from bar 1 after that, they have changed patterns according to PC.


Doesn’t matter where the play bar is in the project, when I press play, everything in the project plays, including both Elektrons, on tempo. When I press stop, Elektrons continue to their own tempo. Program changes are never received.

Any hint/help would be appreciated.

I’ve also had problems sending PC messages through trigs (both note and trigless). In my case, I’m sending PC messages from a DN to a DT. It works synchronising identical pattern changes, which I think is how you’re ideally supposed to use the program/pattern change feature.

I have the same thing where, having setup the correct sending and receiving channels, changing the PROG parameter correctly sends that in real time to the DT but parameter locking it is erratic. It seems to work once after you’ve manually set the parameter (or lock) but not after. Feels like it could count as a bug…

I have more success in sequencing pattern changes using Ableton Live. I have both DN and DT connected via USB. I’m not using Overbridge. I have a couple of MIDI tracks with the External Instrument device. I make short one-shot clips with the program changes I want and place them in the arrangement view. Clips placed on the first bar work for setting the first patterns but the later pattern change clips I have to place before the start of the bar. It works fine for me.

I haven’t used Logic in a long time so I can’t offer any help on that front.

Yes, this is weird. I want to program my song and have the patterns change when I need them to, not when I input the change.

I’ve found the issue through Logic though:

I’ve read about the less-than-useful crap I bought a few years ago - not speedy enough to send midi to play short, closed together notes…Imagine sending continuous MTC and transport control to 2 elektrons…

I’ve ordered a fast and reliable USB to MIDI interface, with enough channel and speed to follow me through a few rig changes.

Everything will be managed in Logic from now on…