Program Change Midi Tracks microKORG


I’m playing about with the midi tracks on the Digitakt. I’ve got the midi out on the Digitakt going to the midi in on my microKORG. I am wondering what might be wrong. Say I have two midi tracks - both using midi channel 1 but I set the program change on each track to be different. As soon as I change the program on one of the tracks, it will change the sounds of both tracks even though they have a different program change set. On the microKORG I can see the program changing but yet the sound doesn’t change. I’m running everything into a mixer so I can hear the sound from the Digitakt and the microKORG at the same time. I thought maybe there’s some setting or something that needs to change for it to do what I want to do.

Any help is much appreciated.


You can’t have two independent sequences controlling the same synth. Both will fight each other. The MK is also not multi-timbral which means it can only play 1 sound at a time.

@RandomSkratch By that do you mean you can’t have two midi tracks controlling the same synth? So is it not even possible with the MK to parameter lock a program change on one midi track? I seem to remember trying that and it messed up as well


Ahh, the microkorg! She’s a beast. So hard to part with that synth. But always sounds stellar. You will often run into issues if you try to make a monotimbral synth respond to more than 1 command (or more than 1 sequence of commands) at a time. Even on the same program.

I believe the mk will respond to parameter locks, like making a step respond to cutoff filter change (#74 :wink:) but if you try to tell it to respond to multiple instances of the same channel, all monotimbral synths (not just the mk) will not like it. Just keep it to one program, 1 track at a time.

That being said, the mk cc list is extensive and you can use the DT’s LFO to modulate any of them. That will leave you only 7 more synths to hook up to the DT, vst’s included of course which also respond to both cc and program change data. It can get deep quite quickly. Make some noise!


Yeah it’s not recommended. See @Synthesis reply above.

Sending multiple sequencer tracks to the same (mono timbral) synth doesn’t give you multiple synths, it’s like two people talking to you at the same time.

Can you achieve things you are asking here with the daw? Then it’s Digitakt’s fault.
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