Project “Load Error”

hello everyone, i upgraded my DT to the last beta version of OS 1.11 using transfer. Now it says “load error” anytime i want to load a project i made before the upgrade. I can still load the factory projects and the projects i made after the upgrade. Did this happen to anyone? How can i retrieve my projects? Are they gone forever? Thx

Same here. i am hyperventilating, cause its a Projekt i ve been working on for weeks now. This cant be true. im gonna open up a ticket.

I opened a ticket via the support page. Waiting for an answer…

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I opened a Ticket to. When i was installing the new OS, during the Process, it said “erasing RAM”. When it was rebooted, there was a empty Project, with 120bpm. Mine was 98bpm. So i just try to load the project. Nothing happened. Then i opened another Project. It did work. And as i tried to open the Project that was open during the updating Process it said “Load Error”. Was it the same with your?

I just noticed the “erasing ram” message when upgrading. I don’t remember if it appeared when i went from 1.11 to 1.11 beta. Anyway, i got an answer from support and they told me that if i go back to os 1.11 everything should be alright. Hope it works out well for you too :wink:

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So it worked?

It did it!!! And it Wooooooooooooorked!!! OMG. I´m so happy now!!!

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