I’ve had my Digitone for 2 weeks now, and so I’m still figuring things out. The question I have, however, is what is the is the purpose of the project function? One cannot string a bunch of patterns together to create a song, so what can users use it for, other than saving patterns to projects? Thanks.

A project is simply what can be loaded into the Digitone for use at one time. You can save projects for use at later time.

You can make (but not save) chains of patterns to playback in the order you have chosen. You can make a chain from any of the patterns in the current bank of patterns.


You could think about it like this:

Project —> Album
Banks —> Songs (8 Songs)
Patterns —> Parts of a song (16 parts per song)

Does this help? Of course this is just one idea how to organize your projects.

Didn‘t someone find out that you can even pick patterns from other banks?




Another purpose of the project is that you can load 128 sounds into the sound pool that your can use for sound locks within a track.


So, if I understand correctly, everything I have on my machine at any given time (banks, patterns, etc.) is a project, right? My next question is, how many projects can I have on my machine?


The Digitone stores 128 projects.

There is plenty more useful information like this to read in the Digitone’s manual, which you can download from the Support page on Elektron’s website.


This is probably another silly question, but I’ll ask anyway. Is it best to create a project first before I start creating patterns, or does it even matter? If I create patterns beforehand, do I have to move them over, or do I just start saving and things will just be saved there?

You have to create at least one project to start working. Every pattern is saved in this project, except you load/init an other.

I would recommend is to create a template project, where everyhing is already set up and ready to go (i called mine “Jamsession”). After that you can toggle the project with the lock, so your template is writing protected. When you create something nice, you can save your stuff to another project or copy and paste it to a different project.

The temporary saving option works also when the project is writing protected.

After reading the manual like peterHanes recommended to you, don´t forget to check out this Tutorial:

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