Proper Overbridge Setup

Sorry if it’s been asked already but I only found way too old posts about OB here, so here we go.

I’ve got two questions about my setup. I’m using A4 and DN on Ableton and here is my setup (only for A4 below but both same) :

Trk 1 - OB vst
Trk 2 - Audio track 1 (routed to OB track channel 1)
Trk 3 - Audio track 2 (routed to OB track channel 2)
Trk 4 - Audio track 3 (routed to OB track channel 3)
Trk 5 - Audio track 4 (routed to OB track channel 4)
Trk 6 - Audio track FX (routed to OB track channel FX)

And also respective MIDI tracks for each Audio track except FX. I noticed something weird about this setup and needed to make sure first. It looks like a good idea to use FX channel to record FX(A4 audio routing is setup properly by disabling track sounds, only FX).

But I realized OB track on Ableton also monitors the main output (FX only). Since I already created one, it doubles it. That’s my guess actually and couldn’t make sure. So if I only use MIDI tracks to play A4, which means I get double FX channel. Am I right? I’m not sure what should I do about it. Because if I mute OB track, all sound is gone naturally. Only option comes to mind disabling FX track on Ableton to hear FX channel without doubling while I use MIDI tracks.

Another question is about total recall. In theory, it’s a great feature. But if you’re using only one pattern / kit for your entire song. What if I need two or three different parts for my song and need to switch between setting presets (setting preset means actually different kits, sounds and params). Currently I use another midi track (routed to OB channel 16) on Ableton to switch between patterns. I though maybe there is a better way to utilize Total Recall feature.

I just set the FX audio channel input to off and just listen to it through the vst…
when you record it will still record into the FX track…

As for the total recall I haven’t tried using multiple kits so I’m interested how that works myself… There is a save kit menu in the plugin so maybe it’s possible to save multiple kits in the plugin… might have to do some tests

Alright, looks like keeping FX track monitor off is the best option. Big help, thanks!

OB 2 experience is great so far except randomly hanging notes (both A4 and DN). Need to turn off / on constantly. Hoping for an update. But also learning more about Total Recall would be really cool.

I also get the hanging notes on the DN hoping for an update…
Maybe Check out that menu for kits in a new project or something see if can save multiple kits… I might have a look at this tomorrow myself…
I think the digitakt and digitone save all the different patterns with the total recall

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If you set Monitor to Off in Track 1 (instead of muting the track) you won’t get double audio.

If you mean by Track 1 as OB vst (as I listed in my question), changing monitor doesn’t make a difference. But @DanJamesAUS solution for keeping FX track monitor off (Track 6 in my case) at all times resolved the problem.


By the way last week I contacted support and I was told that they’ll be addressing hanging note issues of DN. And maybe even for A4, I’m not sure (I’ve had issues recently). So let’s hope it won’t take long :slight_smile:

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I don’t really get hanging notes on the A4 maybe only once or twice has ever happened,
but happens a lot on digitone… good to hear they confirmed they are going to fix it

This is a DN Template, the same applies to A4 :

You can Mute the DN plug-in and/or set the Volume down (you won’t sum that way).


Definitely a very good solution, thanks a lot.

But if I’m correct, turning off Fx track monitoring might be more flexible solution in some cases. For example I use all 4 tracks of DN. I want to record 3 of them but play first track live (through midi track or midi keyboard). In that case recording 3 tracks will record also their FX channel in FX track. And I’ll be able to hear first track’s (live track) FX from OB VST track while other tracks and their FX playing from recording.

But the FX of your Live Track will be recorded too.

Of course recording should be done by muting / disabling the live track. Afterwards it should be fine. But this might be a rare case.

I’ve used a similar setup for my Rytm, and am quite happy with it.

One thing I’ve noticed is that when I use other external hardware, there is a very noticeable lag in midi. E.g., an arp on a keyboard connected by midi through usb will be way off time. Has anyone else had issues like this?

Does anybody have any setup advice for using additional (non-Elekctron/Overbridge) external instruments?

I’ve never had such issues. Actually A4’s arp doesn’t work with OB at all :slight_smile: So I’m using some Max for Live tools for arp needs. But I use DN’s arp and it works just fine.

In the OB documentation, it’s mentioned that activating Delay Compensation is required for sync. It’s under Options menu of Ableton but I don’t know the other DAWs.

By the way I have another question about latency issues. Thinking about getting a new audio interface and it might be good getting some insights.

Currently I’m using Behringer UMC204hd on my crappy late 2013 Macbook. It does surprisingly good job with 256 sample rate. Also 128 is quite acceptable (11ms) but sometimes I hear cracking sound, so I stuck in 256 for now (around 15ms).

Question is, I’m looking a better budget audio interface such as Audient ID14 or Kontakt Audio 6 Mk2. I’ve read some reviews mention that they handle 64 or even 32 samples under 10ms without crackling sound.

This is partially a audio interface question, if I should go with one of these. Maybe you guys had an experience with it. But also I’ve read somewhere OB work with either 128 or 256 sample rate. In that case it means whatever you do, you cannot work with lower samples rates.

I’d appreciate any recommendation.

Read the documentation – that’s a novel idea.

This sounds like exactly the thing I need. My Rytm is currently out for warranty repair (wonky mute pads – apparently a well known issue), but I will test this out when it returns. Wish I could try it now…

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If you use midi out from your Rytm it will be using the same overbridge clock
and have better sync

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hey man, i tested the total recall with different kits and it saves multiple kits and recalls them
no problem… when you change patterns to a pattern with a new kit the kit changes in the plugin…

but it seems you still have to manually press save in the plugin or on the device
or it will only recall the last active kit… this is how it acts without overbridge normally

so if you save your kits and then save your project in ableton it will all be loaded…
next time you open the project in ableton it will all be there…

would be nice if it saved all the kits automatically but im used to just pressing yes+kit now anyway


Thanks a lot man! I’ll take a further look at it. I think it’s fine that certain functions must be done on the device as long as correct kit or settings loaded for the current session in ableton.

So far adding a new pattern and changing patterns for new kits is the most easiest way I guess. I set OB as “Clock” only instead of “Clock+Transport”. This way pattern change MIDI note from DAW takes effect immediately. Otherwise Clock+Transport won’t allow changing the pattern until the device loop finished (CH LEN).

One addition to using multiple patterns for each song. I reserve four patterns on the device for each song.

For example :
A01 - A04 = Song 1
A05 - A08 = Song 2
A09 - A12 = Song 3
and so forth…

4 patterns mean 4 kits and it’s more than enough for a song. This makes 4 songs per bank and 32 songs per project. Then create a seperate MIDI track to send VST channel 16 and send the related note for the pattern.

I’m writing down this in case it helps someone who use only DAW’s sequencer.

I guess my next quest will be finding a proper way to automate or at least control VST parameters through midi channels. Currently it’s possible by using a clip on OB VST track’s itself but it’s a bit complicated to do it for 4 tracks at same location. I couldn’t find a way changing parameters through MIDI channels I created (they’re routed to respective audio tracks created). I’m not into creating 4 separate midi tracks just to change VST params.

Edit : I added all the details for pattern change layout while I’m at it :slight_smile:

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That is a good idea to turn off transport to make pattern changes immediate I hadn’t thought of that… not sure what you mean about 4 patterns per song though… I’m just making 1 song per ableton project and everything is saved in that for the song

as for automation I like to use performance macros just automated from the vst channel…
or just automate parameters from the vst channel it’s fine being in the same spot for me.
I just automate in arrangement mode like a normal vst not using clips

With overbridge I’m finding I just want to record things to audio as soon as possible instead of doing a hybrid thing as it gets to confusing what’s audio what’s a vst and what’s hardware etc… and overbridge audio comes from different tracks to the midi notes

so maybe I’ll create a sequence on the device and just record it in as stems…
Then I may just change pattern manually to get new sounds but this time sequence from ableton with automation then record etc. it all need to be audio in the end to be able to export