Prophet 6 Unison mode not working correctly with Digitone

So I have the problem that when I am trying to use the Prophet 6 in unison mode , I am not getting any sound out of the sequences going on a specific channel on the Digitone. Any ideas if there is a work around? I would like to use unison with the Digitone but its not having it.

I can’t tell from your description what you are trying to do: send MIDI from the DN’s sequencer to the P6, or send MIDI from the P^'s sequencer to the DN? Or something else?

Please elaborate.

I am only trying to run a sequence in the digitone with the prophet’s unison mode turned on. For some reason there is no sound coming from the unit so I am guessing it does not process it for some reason or another.

How do you have them connected?

digitone midi out - midi thru 1x4 box . From there it goes to tt-303 then to the p6 via midi thru. The thing is it works polyphonically just fine. when I click on unison mode, no sound comes out of the unit. I can only switch to unison mode when the sequence has stopped.

So you’re trying to have the digitone play a midi sequence into the p6 if I understand correctly? And it doesn’t play from the p6 when youre in unison mode on the p6?

Is the sequence polyphonic? Maybe receiving multiple notes at once makes the p6 in unison not play anything…

look at your key assign mode.
should be on last note or last note retrigger.