PSA: Akai Force 3.2.3 works with Roland MX-1 as audio interface

maybe this will make someone elses day…

just heard via reddit/ mpc forums that there is a surprise (undocumented/no release notes, tnx Akai lol) FW 3.2.3 update for the Force which enables the MX-1

just did a quick test now and indeed both input/output works from force to mx-1 over usb!

the MX-1 needs to be set to 44.1 and EXT mode

Force needs to be set to ‘32 inputs/outputs’ mode (even tho it ends up as 18in/out)

also tested plugging in a j-8 to the aira usb and audio comes through as expected

super cool and unexpected as MX-1 is not class compliant, or at least its not documented that way AFAIK, maybe some other things also started to work?

Guess ppl should temper expectations as Akai are very poor at documenting which audio interfaces work with the force per FW and there are lots of stories of interfaces working and then suddenly not working with a new FW… so fingers crossed, enjoy for now and be careful about moving to future FW versions


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