Push vs push2

Just curious if there are any differences between the two workflow/interaction wise in 2022.

Do they have the same pad layout updates from the last years?


There’s a massive worlflpw difference between the two, personally speaking. The Push 2 is more intuitive.

The push 1 requires some button combos to do certain things. When I got it, I had go do some googling to figure out how to do(what I consider to be) pretty basic things.

I got the Push 1 over the summer because I didn’t care for the Push 2s more squishy buttons.

Ended up getting a Push 2 because I didn’t have the patience for the Pusb 1 workflow

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hmmmm interesting

I’ve come to the idea that novation launchpad mk3 would be a good addition to my minimal setup. however, I saw a push1 for 80 euros and thought maybe it’s worth a shot.

then again, the LPmkay2 probably offers a lot more

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I guess from s pure sequencing perspective-MAYBE the LPemkay2 might be the better option? I’m so totally removed from that workflow.

I assume you’ve already youtubed its workflow, so you’d know what works best for you

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Push 2 mute buttons are very special - hard to use in live situation, often don’t work as it should (have to press much harder ).

I would say Push 1 is REALLY better for live usage and 2 is better for studio

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My push 1 is sticky as hell. I would like to sellit and get a push 2, but i can’t cause i don’t want nobody to experience the stickyness of the material… Push 2… has the same rubber stickyness problem?

it does I believe, decksavers seem to help IIRC

hmm thanks

yeah it lets you sequence external gear too via midi which is pretty dope.

On the sides, yes, but the other surfaces are fine. Mine has never left my studio room and never exposed to direct sunlight, yet the sides have gotten very sticky and lint/dust/dirt sticks to them. An easy fix would be to buy some kind of vinyl material and apply it as it’d be very simple to apply and trim.

I hardly use mine and even when I do, I’m nowhere near making full use of it. I should really think about selling it and getting something like a Launchpad.


sample worthy


Just resurrecting this old thread in the hope of getting some opinions on the old Push 1. Seems to be possible to pick one up for around £200 and I’m looking for a device for clip launching and device control that doesn’t require manually mapping knobs.

I mainly use Bitwig (and occasionally Live) and there appears to be a Push 1 script for Bitwig.

Still a useful device for a reasonable price? I don’t need to play the pads like a keyboard. I might try some step sequencing if it’s easy but I mainly want hands-on control for clip launching and device parameters without all the midi mapping faff.

Worth mentioning that I previously got a Push 2 but I didn’t get on with it although that was mainly to do with my belief that I’d be able to work without a mouse+keyboard and that just wasn’t the case. It was also sluggish on my old laptop but I now have a zippy Mac Mini M1. If this thing works well for clip launching and device fiddling then that’s my main criteria.

also, for the push 1 users does it still let you adjust chance & velocity?

I have had push 2 since its release. very useful for drum racks and many other things, but it’s not a replacement for keyboard and mouse, specially when arranging.
the last couple of years the coating has gone bad and now it’s sticky on the sides.
I still use it everyday though and would change it only for a mk3.