Pyramid or MC 707 for specific need

So I just received a Matrixbrute and a Hydrasynth.

I know the Pyramid is a better midi sequencer with mostly unlimited length in the tracks. My question is this though:

On the MC 707, say I midi out to the MB. Then audio in to the MC. Set track 8 as an audio insert track from the MB. Then make a sequence with MB patch A on the 707. So, am I actually recording audio in from the MB into track 8? Meaning, can I then switch the audio insert from the MB to track7 on the MC and change to patch B on the MB and record a sequence with the new patch into track 7 but with track 8 staying as it was with patch A…since that was recorded in and not just midi out. I know just midi out would not do that but with audio insert, are you recording the sound into that tracks sequence so you can then change your synth to another track and record a different sound?

I’ve had both the pyramid and the MC and like both and will most likely get the Pyramid again, just wanted to check on this. And, no, I don’t want any other sequencers. Just those two.


How the 2 compare? What did you end up with?