Q's about space in 'Selection Wheel' and 'Arrow Keys' behaviour

Hello all,

I just unpacked my Analog Keys last night and noticed two things which I find rather peculiar.

The ‘Selection Wheel’ clearly has quite a bit of ‘space’ in it when I turn it. What I mean to say is that when turning the Selection Wheel to the left, or to the right, it doesn’t immediately respond, but there’s movement possible in both directions without it affecting any value. Is this the way it 's supposed to behave? When turning the wheel it actually feels a bit ‘cheap’, in as that this behaviour might get worse quickly. I’d really like to know if this is the way it’s intended to respond?

Also, when using the ‘Arrow Keys’ to scroll through the sounds for instance, pressing the downward pointing arrow makes the synth go up in sound nr. So, for instance, I’m on 15 and press the downward arrow, and it goes to 16. When pressing the upward pointing arrow when on 15 it goes down to 14. Appears very odd to me as a newcomer to this machine, but then again, I might just not be used to way the Analog Keys is supposed to work yet.

As I need to travel for work a lot in the coming week in case the above are technical flaws then I’d rather send it back tomorrow to have it replaced by the shop, then have it sit here idly for another week.

Thanks in advance for any replies!

Not sure on the selection wheel - mine feels as precise as it needs to be. I think it is meant to be a little more forgiving so that you don’t do huge jumps when you turn it quickly.

As far as the up/down arrows.
That behavior is correct.
It is basically up or down on the screen not in value. (if that makes sense) You are moving the active field so if you wanted the active field above your current field you’d push it up.

Thanks Mattstacks!

I understand about the arrows now, just still not 100% sure if the wheel on mine is behaving as it should. Maybe I best try to find a shop that has the AK on display to compare.