Not sure is im doing something wrong, or if my machine is being weird.

When I live record with quantized recording on, it actually messes up the timing on notes, if I record in unquanztized it seems to be closer.

Adjusting the track quantizing seems to mess with the timing too. I’m still within the window of return with the DT, so I’d like to swap it out if something is wrong with it

In what way? If your playing is ‘loose’ then quantizing will adjust the timing of the notes.

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The opposite, if im playing tight it jumbles the notes, if I play lose it doesn’t fix them. It’s weird. I’m basically backing this thing up cause Im gonna swap it out unless there is some setting im missing.

Is the scaling on the track at high enough resolution to allot a quantized step for every note?

Scaling at 1x it seems across all projects

its literally as if the quantize does the opposite in live record mode and in adjusting the track mode.

Very strange.

I’ve been trying to understand the rest function for the DT, can I do a master reset that erases everything, all the settings, etc.? last ditch effort before it goes back

I don’t think there is a global settings reset; they follow with every project AFAIK.
How about an OS update? Shame to have the DT go…

Well, I’ll get a new one, I’ll just swap it out. How do you clear it tho?

Nice, of course :slight_smile:
It says something about a factory reset on p. 66 in the manual.

Recording in quantize mode

Lol, very human.

But it’s not playing back what I play, its like it messes it up

You could check what exactly is happening by checking the microtiming of the steps youve recorded… if you keep the steps pressed and press one of the sidearrows you can check if its actually quantized or not.

I did, It seems to be requantizing the notes to the trigg in front. I ran all the checks, backed up everything and think its a swap out. At least I’ll know if it’s just what these things do or not. Seems weird tho

I’ve back everything up and I think I’m swapping it out

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That indeed sounds very off and not how my digitakt quantizes.

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Yeah the quantise on mine is shit too, in the same way. I’m a shot player but the quantise really messes it up!

It sounds as if your quantize settings may be set too high.

Pressing Func + Trig will take you to the quantize page where you can set the quantize strength from 0 (off) to 127 (full).

Also, another method I use to record off grid is to do it unquantized (hold Rec and double tap Play) and then go into step mode and adjust “wrong” notes using the micro timing function