Question about 1010 Bitbox Micro + live looping A4 + AR

Can I loop both my a4 and AR at the same time using Bitbox MICRO?

With my Boss looper, I experimented with looping from the headphones out, and it works very well.
Since I use both machines again (recently rebought an AR), I use the 2nd headphones output of my Playdifferently mixer, to send signal to my Boss RC500 looper. From the boss looper, I send to the 3rd channel on the play differently. I can loop live, switch to channel 3. and turn off channel 1 and 2 (with ar and a4) and then can load in new grooves from my elektron machines and mix them in as a DJ mixing in next song.

I try to avoid the Octatrack :slight_smile:
Don;t want more knobs and elektron boxes in front of me. I have the experience it makes me sad, and I always forget how it works.

I try to avoid the computer. Please no computer in my equipment. Bitbox is a computer, but not a laptop or something like that.

I assume I have to use my CV out of my A4 to trigger the record on and off of the Bitbox.
I assume I have enough inputs for audio from my 2 stereo channels from my elektron boxes
I assume I can record 2 loops at the same time
I assume the tempo clock works right and the loop stays in sync,
I assume there will be some super short fades in the recorded samples that avoid cracks at sample start/end.
I assume I can better buy micro over MK2 since I don’t need so many possibilities for live looping the way I do (but do I have enough inputs and outputs?) money is not the problem in this, but less or smaller equipment is what I prefer, and my current setup already drives me crazy :confused:
I assume I can send the signal directly from my headphones to my Botbox, and through to my Playdifferently, or do I something to avoid too hot or too cold signals?

I hope someone can help me building this part of my modular to fulfill my non-computer setup.