Question about Octatrack Tempo Synced Loops and Pitch

I am probably going to get an Octatrack, so I am learning how it works, and I know about the time stretching to sync loops, but I was wondering if it was possible to to it in an even more primitive way where the pitch of the loop changes as the tempo changes? So that you get relatively little of the artifacts of the tempo matching, and some of that old school sampler sound with pitched breaks. Basically having the loop stay synced, but just change the sample playback speed to do so rather than try to maintain the original pitch.

Yes. You can do that manually.
Change the pitch of the sample to match the BPM.

I do this with drum breaks for jungle. It maintains the feel of the groove much better than using time stretch algorithms.

You can then resample the results if you want.

Not sure if that answers your question.

I was kinda hoping for it to be able to do it automatically. Like for doing live looping with pickup machines or whatever. Not a deal breaker by any means and with slices you can basically get around most of those issues anyway.

I think that would be the Rate more than the Pitch on the OT. Unfortunately you can only lower the Rate from the original not have a higher one.
For some sounds (actually all but drums on the opposite of what @Microtribe is doing) i used to use it but it’s quite tedious on the long run.
Some obvious basic options (like this one or the samples managing/search, the autofade to avoid clicks, …) are definitely missing on the OT for a sampler of that category.

It’s something that still feels missing after years of use