Question about Pattern Changes from Octatrack to DN and A4

My setup is:

Octatrack main sequencer, mixer - playing samples, resampling, and controlling Digitone and A4. “Songs” are saved as Banks, and comprised of patterns that i sometimes use Arranger to loop.

I’m trying to determine the best workflow for live purposes. Ideally I would like to be able to employ each box’s sequencer to take full advantage of plocks on both the DN and A4. However, it seems like when i change the patterns from Octatrack, the machines (synth tracks) reset to the last used settings the new pattern. Is there any way to maintain the active sound parameters on the respective tracks on the DN and A4 as they receive pattern change messages from octa?

The DN and the AF have different systems for Kits. On the AF you can assign a single Kit of sound parameters to be used by any pattern. On the DN you have to reassign the sound parameters on every individual pattern.


Thanks, Peter. I guess I should file that function under feature requests…

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