question about polyrhythms.... octatrack mk2

Hello everyone, I have a question to see if what I say can be done, which by the way I have not been able to see it in the manual.

It turns out that I have made a 15-step polyrhythm with the idea that the sample in question is out of balance, but when it reaches step 64 and loops, said sample is reset and starts again at step 1. what I would like it to do It is that it gradually becomes unbalanced even though the machine returns to step 64 and does not reinitialize… I don’t know if I can explain myself well…

Do you know if this can be done? Or do I have to settle as it is…

thanks in advance and greetings to all.

-set your pattern settings (func + edit when rec is NOT engaged) to “per track”
-press func+pattern page to get to scale setup, set Master: inf, this way each track will loop at it’s own scale/multiple infinitely


This might be helpful -

You could also try setting the master length to a particular value for weird time sigs and interesting variation.


Thank you very much to all of you, it has helped me.

kind regards.


I think what you wanna achieve is polymeters not polyrhythms, the latter being much harder to achieve on the OT.


Hi, I don’t know what polymeters are. I don’t know what you mean, I also say that I’m new to all this…

What I am looking for is that the pattern instead of being square with everything (that is, 16, 32, 64 steps… and what I want to do is that the pattern is 15 steps, or 7, or 9 steps and this one makes a different loop to the rest of the patterns of each track, which would go to a rhythm of 16 steps, except for the one that I want to highlight with 9 steps for example, I don’t know if I’m explaining myself correctly…

Thanks everyone for your help.

Google it?

I don’t understand your case. If you want to have say one track in 4/4 and another in 15/8 for instance, as said before you’ll have to enable per track scale mode within Func+PTN menu. Then you press Func+Page and set your different tracks lengths i.e 64 and 60 and you’ll have to set a common multiple of 4 and 15 as Master Length so the tracks lengths don’t get truncated.

You can also use Elektron Octatrack: Track Trigs/Multiplier to Master Length Calculator if you’re struggling with maths :wink: