Question about Rytm mk2 CC / NRPN resolution

Hello. I’m about to make a little control template for my Analog Rytm in my DAW.

I would like to understand if the NRPN offer more resolution that their CC counterpart.
CC are easier to implement than NRPN. But if the NRPN have more resolution, I’ll go the extra mile.

I tried to understand the manual lists, but call me dumb, I don’t understand it very well.

To sum up : are CC and NRPN strictly equal in resolution, or not, and if no, please tell me more.

I’m trying to get as close as the internal machine resolution as possible.

My guess is that only those parameters that have both a MSB and LSB CC number will respond to high res NRPN’s. Those are just a few… The most will probably just need the MSB part (cc 6)

Check the Rytm’s UI, it will reveal if 7 bit should be able to hold all the possible values.

Oh ok. I thought that the internal resolution was higher than the values displayed on the Rytm screen.
What do you mean by “(cc 6)” ? :slight_smile:

CC (Control Change) 6 and CC 38 are the way NRPN’s send their values (MSB and LSB)

See here:

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NRPN seem so much more complicated than a simple CC MSB LSB pair. I tried to understand your link, but man is it cryptic.

Why would anyone bother with NRPN if the CC handles the same resolution ? Plus, it seems that sending two CC is faster than sending 4 CCs for a NRPN (better for bandwidth ?).

It’s a weird implementation choice from Elektron, I can’t get my head around it.

I might be the only person in the world that need the CCs anyway, Overbridge being there, but well it needs to be said.

NRPN offers 16,384 possible values instead of CC’s 128…the parameter has to be a high-res parameter though, or it doesn’t matter.

LSB/MSB CC couples will offer the same 16384 values. Knowing that, I’m just asking… Why even bother puting the NRPN out there ? The CCs are kinda better no ?