Question about sending CC from DT to DN

Hi all,

I hope somebody could help me with this; I’m trying to change the Envelope Depth on the DN via midi coming from the DT. According to the manual it should be CC 77, but in Synth 2, A Env End is also CC 77, so when I set an LFO on the DT to control CC parameter 77 the DN does change the Env End on synth 2. Does anybody knows how I can change the Env Depth on the DN via MIDI ?

Thank you.

  1. Download the latest version of the manual.
  2. Use CC 25 (coarse) and CC 57 (fine), as stated in the latest version of the manual.

Thank you so much dear sir. Didn’t know there was a more recent version, feel kinda dumb now for asking such a question. Having said that, this forum is great and you guys are awesome taking the time to answer any and all questions and giving actual information.

Gonna go back now and play with my twins :+1:t2: