Question: How do change sound kits for different patterns?

I’m noob to elektron gear so please bear with me. I created a pattern (1) and recorded it. I copied and pasted it to another pattern (2) so I can chain them. When i try to change a sound kit from one of the patterns, the other pattern is also changing. How do i change a sound kit from one pattern and not affect the other pattern?

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Thanks a lot dimi, you have been of great help. Here and in the op-1 forum. It’s getting a little more in depth as you already know…

huh … just tried that, but I am in the sound browser, sund manager window … was hoping to have patter E1 my amen bread have a Kit, and pattern E6 my dubstep beat another kit …

It sounds like you need to save each kit individually to it’s pattern. Kits are tied to patterns.

oh, thanks