Question on Midi related to patterns and tracks within the same Bank of the OT

Dear Elektronauts,

Is it possible to assign a different midi bank + program on the same tracks on a different pattern but in the same bank of the Octatrack? It doesn’t seem to work but that might be logical :3lektron:

So in pattern 1 of bank A i assigned midichannel 9 to track 1 - 5,
which is set to - let’s say - BANK 4 PROG 110.

Now switching to pattern 2 of Bank A i want to assign midichannel 9 BANK 4 PROG 50 to tracks 1 - 5
… can it be done?
Thanks in advance <3

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Have you tried with Parts involved?


It’s possible…but only with Parts.

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Hey @WeirdFishes No… but I had it in mind that it would be the next thing to do, :grimacing:

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When you use another (pattern) bank this implicitly uses another part (each bank has its own parts). That’s why it works with different banks out of the box.

Within a bank you need to handle the part change by your own.


So the midi bank and program info cannot be changed going from pattern 1 to pattern 2 on the same tracks in bank A for example? But when I change to another part this can be done? Sorry I feel stupid now :joy: Thank you :pray:

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You are mixing “banks” in the octatrack with “midi bank” i guess.

Sure it will work. Just copy your part of pattern 1 and use the other part for your pattern 2. then you can switch programs and banks on the midiside.

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Yes :joy::grimacing::grimacing:

no not you…i was talking @tnussb :wink:

No, I don’t: Bank == Bank of Patterns (and each bank of pattern has its own 4 parts)

Each pattern has an assigned part to it. Just assign another part to pattern 2 (a copy of the original part with different midi note setup parameters) and the changing of parts gets automated.

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I think Alienna was talking about the Bank in the MIDI part where you can switch Midichannel/Bank/ Program…not the Pattern/Bank in the Octatrack :slight_smile:

I know.

I have just explained the technical background why it looks like it “only” works when you use a pattern from another pattern bank, but not when you use a pattern within the same pattern bank. When switching to another pattern bank a part change also gets performed without any special configuration necessary.

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So working with parts is the solution? Or am I missing something? So it’s logic that midi bank changes on the same track in the same octatrack bank is not possible? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:Thanks again

Don’t use banks. Keep your money at home. :smile:

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Sure its possible. You just need to setup a new part for the next pattern.
Let’s say you have Pattern 1 using Part 1 with Midichannel 1 and Bank 0 and Program 15. Then switch to Pattern 2, change the Part to Part 2 i.e. and there you can set the same Midichannel (1) , the Bank (i.e still 0) and Program 38…that should work. So in summary you could have 4x Programchanges in a Octatrack-Bank because there are 4 Parts in a Bank…on the same Track

Yes. It’s functions like on an audio track. When you want different machine settings on an audio track you need to use another part. On a MIDI track the “machine” settings are Channel/Bank/Program and when you want to use different ones you also need to use another part.


that indeed sounds logic :grin::raised_hands:thank you very much

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