Question regarding individual sound per step

Hey fellow elektronauts,

I got my A4 for a day now and I’m in love. However, I wonder about something: You know how you can hold a step button and twiddle the level-knob to switch to a different sound for that step? I’d love to be able to then use the same sound for subsequent steps.

Is there a way to do this? Because doing it over and over again can be tedious when you try to insert that snare on sound slot 98 for 10 steps and you have to scroll to sound 98 ten times one after another…

Or is it possible to copy individual steps with the associated sound and the parameter locks to another step on the same track?

Thanks in advance for your help!

I think ya have to be in record mode, hold the trig you want to copy, press copy. It should say copy trig, then place your new trig, hold it in and hit paste and bingo!

Ya only need to copy the new sound once then you can paste it about :slight_smile:


Sounds logical.

I dun have my A4 handy atm but… do I press function-copy or just the copy button (i.e. the record button)?

There’s no “bingo” button :zonked:

yep, just hold the step/trig and press COPY, hold another trig and hit PASTE. :joy:
you can also hold down multiple trigs and copy them.

but for repeating sounds, also try using the arpeggiator!
One trick is to set the note length for regular steps to a short value, shorter than the arp time.
If you enable the arp on the track, normal trigs will not be affected.
If you place a trig somewhere and turn the note length for that step up, only this step will be arpeggiated. This is awesome for snare rolls for example. (now if we get p-locks for the arp parameters this will get so much more flexible).

Just hold the the trig down and hit copy, if you find the bingo button let me know :sob:

Never thought of using the arp on percussive sounds like this, good stuff!

That sounds like a great idea! I am already mis-using the delay for hihats so I can free up some steps for additional drums and whatnot.