Question: Using Model Samples as a Sequencer

Hey there! I’m new here, and also new to creating electronic music.

So, I’m considering getting a Roland JD-Xi because it’s sounds are super appealing. And I also want a sampler thats easy to use, and the Model:Samples is right up my ally.

The Model:Samples is also very appealing as a sequencer. Is it possible to record sounds off the Roland into the Model Samples’ sequencer for live playing/recording via MIDI output? I know the roland has its own sequencer, but it’ll be easier to control tracks with an external sequencer.

Thanks in advance! I appreciate in depth responses.

The M:S is a sample player, NOT a sampler. It cannot live sample sounds via external audio. If you wanted to sequence a certain stab/pluck/chord from the JD-Xi, you could record your own samples of it and load them into the M:S. The M:S is a really wonderful little machine, but you’d have to look at one of the more robust Elektron devices for live sampling, or go with an MPC or Electribe or something.

As a regular sequencer, though, you can program sequences on the M:S and send those out to the JD-Xi.

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And as far as I know the M:S has a monophonic sequencer, so 1 note/track. If you want to sequence a chord you will need 3/4/5 tracks.

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You will also find that the M:S can send MIDI notes but not MIDI CC messages, so the M:S may not be the best choice for you as a primary sequencer.

Do think about your options and especially about your budget before deciding.

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Hey everyone! Thanks so much. I did realize all of this after looking at videos on youtube. I was confused because I saw people connect keyboards to MS but I realized that they were syncing to it. I’ll probably get a roland sampler. Digitakt is a beautiful device, but doesn’t seem completely intuitive.

Thanks everyone!

If you’re new to electronic music, I would highly recommend getting a Korg Electribe 2 Sampler and a Korg Minilogue. You can do sampling directly on the Electribe and it has a fantastic 16 track sequencer. You can also use one of those tracks to polyphonically sequence the Minilogue, which in my opinion, is a better synth than the Roland jd-xi. The only bad thing about the Minilogue compared to the jd-xi is the fact that it is monotimbral (meaning it can only play one kind of synth sound at a time. But it can play 4 notes at once). The Electribe 2 Sampler also has the ability to play some synth sounds as it is loaded with simple synthesizer waveforms.

Alternatively, instead of getting a Minilogue or a JD-XI, you could invest just a little more and get a used Elektron Analog Keys or Analog Four on eBay.

Hey dude thanks! I did end up getting a jd-xi (im really into heavy bass tones, the korg is cool and also something i considered, but its more atmospheric) but still deciding on the sampler. The electribe looks pretty decent, and maybe easier to control than the roland 404? I did consider the elektron keys but I’m all about gear that’s intuitive, and although its super sick I feel like its not my thing. Thanks for the suggestions!!

The Electribe is very easy to learn and definitely looks more intuitive than the Roland 404. However I have not used the Roland 404 so I can’t say for sure. The only thing that’s kind of inconvenient about the Electribe Sampler is the fact that you need a sd card and the way it saves and loads samples from it is a little weird. Look into it on YouTube

The Analog Keys was actually pretty easy for me to learn as well, but I can definitely understand that its workflow can be a overwhelming for beginners. Keep it in mind for the future though. Elektron sequencers let you compose music in any time signature you want and chain them together perfectly. Every other sequencer I’ve come across has some flaws or shortcomings. Elektron sequencers are basically perfect.

I agree with you about the Elecktron. I’m so sad that its expensive because the sounds I could make with it are infinite. Maybe in the future.

The Roland operates with a SD card as well!! I think anything that needs an external way of saving something seems like a pain to ppl bc this is the midi age. You can plug in a keyboard into yr computer and have anything and yr good to go!

I can’t be in front of a computer though. Its nice to play without it. (All these videos on youtube are like “wow! I’m now dawless!”) So honestly SD card and loading times aren’t a big deal for me.

Hey is it possible to use my Model:Sampler (i just got) as a sequencer to a virtual synth on my iPad ? (the idea is, for now, to not buy a synth… i’ll do it later but be able to add bass lines to the M:S)

Can i use the 6 tracks of the M:S AND send notes to the virtual synth ?
And if yes what harware to i need to do that (cables ?) ?

Yes, but you don’t get any extra (independent) tracks, obviously.

You’ll need a CCK (camera connection kit) to plug into the iPad (most people recommend a CCK made by Apple).

Then you’ll need a normal usb cable suitable for the M:S and plug the other end into the CCK.

Ok thanks
and for the audio ? i just use the jack from the iPad or i need an iRig or something like that ?