Questions about a4 before purchase

Hey guys, I have a few questions
Now that we are getting poly and more storage

  1. How many sounds will be on board when we get the new o.s.?
  2. How does the new storage thing work? I don’t understand so far.
  1. IIRC something like 500 was mentioned somewhere.
  2. ??? but in the other Elektron gear you get to save “instances” of the machine’s content. On Monomachine/Machinedrum these are called Snapshots and you have 128 of them. On Octatrack you have the same thing I think but it’s called Project there.

Thanks, I was talking about the new drive storage. Are all 500 or so patches accessible at all times?

Yes. The system to Sound Lock sounds will be limited to the 128 available presently. You can load any of the 4000 or so sounds from the +Drive or from a computer if you need more. You choose which 128 sounds are your main ones, just like at present. You also have access to 4 potentially different sounds from each of the 128 kits you have. Not quite sure about the other stuff mentioned, but it seems like it there’s going to be significant storage opportunities. The instrument is already incredible, if you put the time in to learn it, it’s only gonna get better.

Thanks! 1 more question… is the +drive free?

Yep - all the goodies are already inside the m/c - the os sets them free !