Questions about Audio Input on DN

I’ve finally gotten the DN out of the dark stuffy box he’s been in all weekend and onto the desk paired up with the DT.

So I’ve done the obligatory RTFM and I’ve got it set up hard panned left for L Chan & hard panned right for R Chan. All good. However I pan left on the DT and I don’t hear a change at all. Even using just a single cable and channel, using left for example, I hear output to both of my monitors equally. Just less volume than if both channels / cables were plugged in. I want the great stereo reverb and delay and to use as much of the stereo field on the DT as possible.

Oh also, the manual shows input volume controls up at about 30, that’s right. Don’t crank to max, too much loud comes out LOL :joy: main volumes to about 80 on DT and 80 on the DN and dial in how loud you want with your interface. This gets me up to around -3 DB for that little bit of headroom you want. I think the agreed upon headroom is 6DB though if I remember correctly :thinking:

I’d advise that you spend a good week with the Digitone and learn it’s idiosyncracies and capabilities before hooking it up to other gear. You’ll be glad you did!


I think you need to troubleshoot your mixer and/or audio interface. Whatever is between the Digitone and your speakers.


Will do for both suggestions! Thanks! Will report back what I find in case it ends up helpful for someone else. Nothing much came up on the forum search about it. The more I learn about signal flow (like life) the more I know that I don’t know much :laughing:

Hi all I have had a digitone for less than a week so I am still trying different ways of incorporating it into my multi machine setup. I am having a problem playing my Roland jdxi through the audio in/out connections . Although I am using midi connections in various ways I would still like this option available. Can someone please advise me on this matter? Thanking you in advance. DJ