Quick low IQ Slide question (sorry)

I’ve tried to understand this through searching for this topic, following steps and trying every combination possible (In my head), maybe I’m just an idiot.

I want to slide from a bit reduced sample to a Plock with less bit reduction. I’ve made a Plock, reduced bit reduction, and made it a slide trig. As you can see in the video below nothing changes until it actually hits the trig.

What am I missing?

Warning! For loud bit reduced sound, lower the volume.

I’ve also tried Plocking bit reduction on the actual soundtrigger, as well as putting a slide trig on both the Plock and the trig, also the soundtrigger only.

Also sorry for the shit quality, Android phone and Macbook so can only send through FB compression…

It’s hard to see your exact settings here, but if I was trying to do that, I would set up like this

  • note trig: plock the starting bit reduction position and place slide trig

  • lock trig: plock the ending bit rate position. No slide trig needed, unless you want it to glide back to starting position when it loops

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