Quick Simple Question - Digitone Auto Channel

What is the default MIDI channel for the AUTO channel on the Digitone? I did not find it in the manual

Channel 10. Thought I saw it in the Manual, but perhaps just read it here

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Pretty sure it’s 10, you can double check in your channel settings on the Digitone though.

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Its easily configurable to anything, what difference does it make what it initially is? curious

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valid question. I’ve purchased a Digitone but it’s on backorder, so I don’t physical have it yet to check.

I can always change it, but I’ve found it helpful to minimize the delta from the default blank project if possible. I’ve just now reluctantly created a “template” project for my OT, but would rather not have to do that for such a (comparatively) simple device like my DT and DN.

I’m in the process of shuffling some gear around and was planning some MIDI allocations.


Makes sense now!