Quickly create Performance Locks on several/all pads at once?

Is it possible, when creating a performance pad effect, to quickly apply it to multiple or all tracks at once? For example, I’d like one performance pad to sweep the Low Pass’ Frequency on all tracks. Right now I am manually programming the performance lock for each track, which takes awhile, especially if I want them to all match perfectly.

I know I can copy/paste a performance pad to another pad, but I can’t figure out how to copy/paste the settings so they effect another track (instead of only the one I’m on).
If this has been answered before, I apologize, but when I use the search feature in this forum it always says “error” for the past week.

Hey there.
Overbridge and a DAW are the fastest ways to do what you wish. Otherwise, yea it takes a little time to make performance and scene macros. Good news is once you have those assignments made, they’re done and you can get on with jamming.

Also, I recommend using google.com to search the forum
just go to google and type the following, I’ll use this subject as an example

site:elektronauts.com rytm performance map quick assignment

Just be sure to put the Elektron device you want in the search string, so that the results are more specified to your device (Analog Rytm)

Good luck.

Sweet! Thanks for the tips man.