Quiet results when recording samples via the octatrack inputs

Ok, so I’m sequencing a synth with my OT going into input C and i want to now sample it to a recording buffer. I’ve managed to record it, but its really quiet… even when i turn up the amp volume to the max… any ideas what im doing wrong.

I recorded a different synth line earlier and had no problems, but i fail to see what im doing different this time :s


Is it the sample itself that is quiet (small waveform), or is the playback quiet? Check your editor page to see what the waveform looks like. If the waveform looks quiet, try turning your input C up in the mixer. If the waveform looks ok, you’ve got to suss out which of the OT’s many gain stages is bringing the volume down. It could be sample playback volume (in the editor), track volume, amp volume, an effect setting, etc…