Racks for Elektron + Volca

Hey all! Been a few years since I’ve explored this so I’m curious if there’s been any advances in the world of custom racks for our beloved elektrons. Specifically to use elektrons with other gear. I would love a 2 possibly 3 tier rack that would put my Octatrack front and center with a nice space right above it for my Volcas and maybe even my micromonsta. Everything I see online is either for exclusively Elektron or exclusively Volca and i don’t see anything combining the two. Is there anyone here making custom racks that i can talk to? Lemme know! Thanks! :v:t2::alien:

Ultimate MDS-X (with a pair of MDS-100s) should give you the adaptability you desire:


Hey now, this aint half bad! I suppose I’d be asking to much to find something like this made out of wood, lol. This is very good though, Thanks!