Radiohead - Street Spirit (Fade out) cover with A4


been a long time lurker, 1st post.
I thought it would be nice to see the Analog Four with some Radiohead songs.
So I did a cover where everything is from the Analog Four (except for guitars and voice obviously).

The A4 is such a great piece of gear!

Hope you’ll like this version.


Superb. Big Radiohead fan

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Wow, that’s quite a first post!
Great cover.

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Hi thank you for listening to this cover!
Glad you liked the cover!

Hi, thank you! I’m working on an other Radiohead cover where the A4 will certainly shine even more!

Oh even if the A4 kicks in with the bass then the drums and all other stuffs, it appears at around the 3:00 mark in the video. I’m just playing a pad though (because I’m no pianist haha)