Random arp with pattern chain?

So on a single MnM pattern, I set up a track with an arp set to RND. It plays a few notes before a note off trig stops them.

When I loop the pattern, every time the sequencer trigs the arp, the notes are different, as you would expect with a random arp.

Then I make a few copies of the pattern, introduce a few variations among them, and chain them together to create a longer loop. (The arp is still trigged in each pattern and has the same settings.) Now, however, every time the sequencer trigs the arp, the notes the arp produces are the same, i.e. no variation in the resulting melody from one pattern to the next. Which kinda defeats the purpose :frowning:

I’ve tried a few simple ideas, like letting the arp run freely (killing the volume with a trigless trig instead of stopping it with note off), changing its length to an odd number, etc. … no luck, I assume because the arp settings are tied to the pattern itself, not the kit, so the arp starts over from its initial condition when the pattern changes.

Anybody got a potential solution here?

Sorry, no brilliant ideas, and I haven’t used my MnM for a long time but…
does changing the order of the inserted notes affect how they’re played?
Or can you start and stop the arp on different steps? Or will this change the pattern?

Yeah you’re right it does this. It is as if the random number pattern is reloaded to the same state each time the pattern is loaded.

If you have a simple pattern with just one note at the start triggering a random arp it plays out the same pattern each time you restart the pattern.

I’m guessing there isn’t really a way around this one.

Suppose you could trigger the arp from another device?

Mr. 'athonic:
Unfortunately, the “random pattern generator” on the Mono isn’t as random as we suspect. Looks like, technically, the “random” pointer starts over , every time the pattern is restarted. (Well, you have already discovered that!)

Trying song mode doesn’t work.

Hum…I wonder if they still log bugs for this old machine. It’s worth a shout to Elektron support.