Random Sample-bits

I’m diving slowly deeper into the Octatrack and enjoy the trip a lot!
The latest riddle that occured is the following:
When I step thru my programmed pattern, let’s say from A1 to A9
and than go back to A3 it happens that I do hear sounds of tracks
that have no triggs, or sounds play in a different speed as programmed
and have been played just fine on my way from pattern A1 to A9…
What am I missing here, or doing the wrong way?
Thanks in advance for any usefull suggestion!
…and I’m using OS 1.25D

How do you step thru the patterns? Via pattern selection?

One thing that comes to mind is that it might be down to which parts are being used in which patterns, so when changing between patterns in an different order it might sound different. Another is the pattern settings regarding playback (start silent). These aren´t the only ones, I´m sure others will chime in with more hints/suggestions!

I used pattern selection and did not
arrange anything…
I will check this start silent option.
Thanks for coming back to me with
your knowledge!

Maybe check that samples aren’t set to loop… If they are and when they have an infinite hold/release then they could keep playing even when you change patterns. Start Silent would fix this.

Thanks a lot OH/EX/OH,
that sounds promising and is the
next thing I´ll try as soon as I can
get my hands on the OT!