Randomise trig velocity

Is there a way to randomise velocity on the trigs ?
I know you can do it with an lfo but don’t want to do it that way.
I mean the actual trigs

Don’t think this is possible.

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The only workaround I can think of right now would be to record while quickly turning the velocity parameter up and down. I haven’t actually tried this so not sure how it will sound. Either that or just manual p-locking the velocity of each trig. However neither of these would be truly random; I believe the only truly random method would be through the LFO.

There might be some workarounds using an external midi controller or maybe Overbridge? Just some ideas.

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random lfo to track volume?
plock track volume randomly?
Don’t think there is a velocity knob. Sorry that’s all I got for ya.

Don’t think there is a velocity knob.

On the trig parameters page, there is most certainly a velocity knob. Although it acts pretty much the same as the volume/level knobs.